Friday, January 23, 2009

#10 Tiered LBD

Signature Tiered LBDs
These LBDs (little black dress) are a must in every girl's closet!

From Juicy Couture

Marc Jacobs - 415 British Pounds

#10 Tiered LBD
Get this signature-like satin LBD for only RM25!
A million thanks to Shopping Bible for featuring us

Looks nice with or without a clincher. Simple yet elegant and presentable

without flash; with flash

The brown piece is not ironed properly, apologies! But still look fab isn't it? :)

Glossy satin material, superb quality!

Total Length: 30.5 inches
Bust width: 14 inches
Fabric: Glossy Satin (Superb Material)
Size: Free (XS to M)

not restockable

Available in:
Black (Sold)
Electric Blue
Fuschia (Sold)
Posh Brown

RM 25 only

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